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Nomination Process & Directions for the Nominator

Complete and submit the below nomination form by April 1, 2019. Please note: At the time of submission you must upload a minimum of two letters of support from others who can also speak to the merit of the nomination (required for all awards except the Students' Appreciation Award). 

Please be sure to include the nominee’s name as well as the name of the particular award it is supporting.  Additional supporters may be supervisors, colleagues, internal or external customers, outside vendors, or any other KSU community member who can speak to the merit of your nomination.  Please share the award criteria with your fellow supporters as they should use these elements to:

  • Reinforce the nominator’s case for the nomination
  • Offer other perspectives on the nominee’s work from multiple areas of the institution
  • Provide specific, detailed examples of the nominee’s actions whenever possible

Awards and Criteria

  • Criteria: This represents a culmination of behaviors and qualities outlined in many of the other staff awards, as the Distinguished Staff Award winner is recognized for their multitude of outstanding contributions to the university. Through their dedication and commitment to excellence, the awardee’s work ethic continually exemplifies:

    • Reliability and dependability
    • Productivity and efficiency
    • Excellence in customer service and team work
    • Initiative and creativity
    • Leadership qualities
    • Pride in the university

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  • Criteria: The nominee typically demonstrates many of the following behaviors:

    • consistently and substantially demonstrates an ability and willingness to work positively, respectfully, and effectively with others
    • significantly improved customer service or has increased customer satisfaction in their area
    • demonstrates exceptional ability and willingness to manage changes in work priorities, procedures, and organization to ultimately provide better service to customers
    • fosters collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and members of the campus community

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  • Criteria: This award recognizes a staff member whose interaction with the student leaves a lasting impression on the student. The nominee connected with the student by making them feel appreciated and at home at KSU.

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  • Criteria: These candidates should demonstrably embody: excellence in customer service; innovation and improvement; leadership; service to the university and/or community; and/or commitment to diversity while working as a team. Consideration for this Award will also be significantly rated on the outcome of the project.  Areas of consideration may include:

    Was there a team leader and was the leader effective?
    What was the project/activity (goal) of the team? 
    What area was the primary focus of the team?University Policy:  Developing, implementing and/or adopting new procedures, guidelines or criteria
    Service:  Developing, implementing and/or adopting new services to the university
    Technology:  Planning, designing, and/or implementing new technologies/advances/etc.
    Events:  Planning, executing, and fulfilling campus events
    Design: Marketing, media, enhancement of the university
    Critical Thinking: Engaging activities that shifted university culture and/or consciousness
    Problem Resolution: Seeking innovative, diverse, and inclusive solutions to university challenges
    Or a combination of the above
    Was that project/activity (goal) achieved and with what level of success?
    How did this project/activity impact or benefit the university?
    What level of benefit/impact did it have (personal, departmental, university wide)?
    Did the entire team contribute to the overall outcome?  Was the entire team effective?
    What methods of evaluation were used to assess the project/activity (goal) outcomes?

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  • Criteria: This Award focuses on a staff member who has either shown innovation by creating a new process, procedure, or system, or taken initiative to implement lasting improvements to an existing process, procedure, or system when faced with a challenge in their area of service.

    This staff member:

    Works to gather feedback and garner support for their ideas and implemented changes.
    Rarely accepts the way things have always been done and focuses on constant improvement and long-term solutions.
    Has a “think outside of the box” approach to challenges.
    Consistently asks “why do we do it this way?” followed by “how can we do it better?”

    The nominee’s work produced tangible results that enhance the quality of the university by:

    • increasing efficiency,
    • generating cost savings,
    • improving customer service,
    • and/or building strong relationships either internal or external to the institution.
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  • Criteria: This awards recognizes a staff supervisor whose actions as a supervisor foster departmental community, teamwork, and employee satisfaction. Quality nominees will have demonstrated a strong desire to see their employees develop and succeed. This will be apparent by:

    • Having good relationship with their direct reports, peers, and upper management  
    • Providing candid feedback for the purpose of holding staff accountable and supporting growth
    • Giving credit, proper praise, and appreciation for hard work
    • Creating an open environment by being transparent, building trust, avoiding extremes, and showing compassion as appropriate
    • Leading by example
    • Finding the proper balance between delegation and working alongside the team when needed
    • Making work a happy place to work while keeping productivity a priority

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  • Criteria: This awards recognizes multiple behaviors listed that are believed to be critical to achieving the KSU Strategic Plan, i.e. leadership, excellence in continuous improvement of processes and system, entrepreneurial, innovative, and fiscally responsible. Individual efforts extend across multiple departments, units or entities resulting in a positive impact on a large constituency of KSU employees. Achievement is important, but of equal importance is how it was achieved.

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  • Criteria: Nominees for KSU’s Positive Impact Award should show a demonstrated contribution the use of their time, talents, and abilities for the betterment of others through efforts to improve the greater good.  Their behaviors will show an unwavering dedication to effect positive change on their “community” at any level whether it be within KSU, the local public, or through a global reach.    The tangible results of their efforts should be impactful outside the scope of their job responsibilities as a staff member.  Some examples of contributions may include but are not limited to any of the following:

    Commitment to increasing diversity awareness in their community by consistently demonstrating the value of underrepresented groups by being inclusive, accepting, and respectful
    Significant contributions to KSU through outstanding volunteer service and dedication which goes above and beyond their normal job responsibilities and shows an enthusiastic desire to further the university and its mission
    Substantial volunteer work to the local community through creating stronger partnerships with outside industries or organizations
    Positively influencing others by acting as a mentor, providing guidance, advice, feedback and encouragement
    Demonstrating servant leadership which puts the needs of others first and helps them develop and perform as highly as possible

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