2018 Nomination Process

  1. Complete and submit a nomination form by August 31, 2018.
  2. Gather and submit a minimum of 2 letters of support via email to staff_awards@kennesaw.edu (required for all awards except the Students' Appreciation Award) which must also be submitted by August 31, 2018.

Directions for the Nominator

Thank you for taking the time to recognize our excellent staff members at KSU. Select the award for which you would like to submit a nomination. Complete the award specific questions and submit the form.  Although this nominations webpage is open year-round, letters of support are collected during specified nomination cycle.  Deadlines will be communicated specific to each cycle when we are actively accepting nominations.

  • To ensure the strongest nomination, use the award’s criteria to guide your responses to the award specific questions.
  • Whenever possible, provide precise, detailed examples of the nominee’s actions.

(The following applies to all awards except Students’ Appreciation Award) In addition to submitting this form, you must also gather and submit a minimum of two letters of support from others who can also speak to the merit of the nomination.  Letters should be sent via email to staff_awards@kennesaw.edu by the specified deadline.  Please be sure to include the nominee’s name as well as the name of the particular award it is supporting.  Additional supporters may be supervisors, colleagues, internal or external customers, outside vendors, or any other KSU community member who can speak to the merit of your nomination.  Please share the award criteria with your fellow supporters as they should use these elements to:

  • Reinforce the nominator’s case for the nomination
  • Offer other perspectives on the nominee’s work from multiple areas of the institution
  • Provide specific, detailed examples of the nominee’s actions whenever possible